First, the internet was bombarded with the news of Virat Kohli and Anuhska Sharma tying the knot in Italy. Then it was the duo’s reception in Delhi and Mumbai which took the internet by storm. After that, it were their honeymoon pictures and latest were their snaps roaming in Cape Town and having a gala time. But wait, that’s not it, as we have got our hands on something aww-dorabale. Didn’t get us? Read further.

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It so happened that while killing our boredom on Instagram, we bumped into a picture of Virat Kohli with a fan and one minute detail in it just made us go WHAT! A snap of Virat with his fan has gone viral today, but wait the scoop is not the selfie. As we see Virat wearing something around the neck and trust us we cannot keep calm. Look at the picture below: (Also Read:Virat and Anushka’s day out in Cape Town is all about 50 percent discount!)

Now, if you have not noticed, we will tell you the scoop; a closer look at the snap and you will see Virat is seen wearing his engagemant ring around his neck with a chain whenever he is out for a practice session.

If this is not HUBBY GOALS, what is? Sigh, Virat, you have given us a new reason to love you. Anushka, you surely are one lucky woman.

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